Welcome to GCPI

GCP International is a comprehensive communications company serving the needs of private businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations
in the areas of public relations, strategic communication, and event management.
(GCPI is an affiliate of T.A.B. (The Advantage Bureau) International Inc.)

Our mission is to assist with clients reach set objectives by helping to define strengths and identify opportunities. We are GCPI, are so grateful to be able to serve you to explore your business needs in Korea, and the larger East Asia as well.

  • Fully responsible for our clients
  • Quality assurance and customized services
  • Cost-effective performances
  • Suggest up to date & best solution


‘…The Palm/GCPI did a stellar job of keeping daily check-in and checkout sheets for almost 140 temp staff, making our reconciliation process a breeze. I can confidently say that The Palm and their staff are one of the top-performing agencies that we have worked with. Bravo!!…(107th Rotary International Seoul Convention 2016)’ Koko Dobbs, Manager, Registration and Housing Services of Rotary International 

…we all enjoyed working with The Palm/GCPI associates, as well as admiring the way in which they accomplished the tasks…(78th PEN Congress in Gyeongju)’ John Ralston Saul, PEN International President

‘…The Palm/GCPI associates’ communication was first class, all emails replied to by return, coped with all the fine detail of the showcase requirements and were very flexible when things needed to be changes…(British Lifestyle and Showcase)’ Anne Ritchie, Mission Project Manager, UK Trade & Investment Korea 


The Palm 640x220is a ‘Destination Marketing Company (DMC Korea)’ and affiliate of GCPI.